Sydney Badminton Social Club

Social Club Sessions:

Saturday 7:50pm - 10:20pm

Training Class Sessions:

Friday 4:30pm - 6:30pm;  Saturday 4:30pm - 7:00pm

Club are operate under club policy:

Sydney Badminton opens badminton session to approved club members and approved public guest only.

What are the Rules: (Court Rules)

Visitors or Casual Players  Visitors or Casual Players are most welcome to play with us. But before you can play, you must read and signed a declaration indicating that you as a visitor read and understood that you are not being covered by any form of insurance Greater Badminton Association of Sydney(GBAS) members. And, Sydney badminton will not be liable for anything happened to or incurred by you during the course of playing with us.

Payment of fee  Players must pay their entry fee prior starting their first game.

Standard Format of Play  Doubles games - 1 game to 21 (the new scoring system - 2007). Singles games are not permitted if other players are waiting.

Sydney Badminton committee members reserved the right to further changes the Format of Play as they see fit to ensure everyone get a fair share of the games.

Order of Engagement  Players waited the longest get the higher preferences on entering the next available court.

 Players just finished playing should not play straight away unless for a fair length of time, when other waiting players shown no interest of entering the available court space.

Shuttlecock usage  To guarantee a continous flow of good shuttlecock for game play, it is necessary that all players should comply to the following rules :

 New shuttlecocks are reserved for proper game only. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should the new shuttlecocks be use for warm up or practise.

 There is no limit to how many shuttlecocks should be use per game, but please change to a new shuttlecock only when the current one is no longer playable. We will trust the players to make the right judgement of when to change shuttlecocks.

 Please take only ONE new shuttlecock at a time.

 There are no rule against using a new shuttlecock to finish of the last few point but please return the slightly use or still-in-good-condition shuttlecocks back to the Control Desk for recycle.

A Spice of Courtesy  Acts honestly and fairly. Treats others as how you want the other to treats you. Just be NICE and ENJOY the game