Professional Badminton Career

Become a world class badminton player, you'll need to start your career from a young age (usually around 17 years old; the earlier the better).

World class badminton is an intense sport that demands an extreme level of fitness from a player.

The level of fitness of an average world class player deteriorates significantly around the age of 30.

Therefore, professional badminton players are usually forced to retire at around 30 years old because it is almost impossible to keep up with the fitness level of younger players.

There are certainly exceptions. A few top players like Peter Gade and Taufik Hidayat have passed 30 but continue to play at the highest level. They no longer play to compete for gold medals but because they love the sport.

However, in badminton doubles, players can usually play until the age of 35. The reason for this is because badminton doubles is less demanding physically.

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